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Your Employee Benefits App

We create your own company branded benefits app. Employees can download the app, see all benefits and how to get them. HR can easily upload new company specific benefits to the app and notify all employees. 

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find it complicated 

to redeem a benefit

Employee benefits is an important factor for employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention. However, it is often time consuming for HR to manage and inform employees about the benefits, making it difficult for employees to get an easy overview of all benefits and information on how to redeem them.


don’t know which
benefits are available


Because benefits matter


say benefits are a major factor when choosing jobs

From your intranet to your own app

Employees will always know which benefits they can get. 

Employees will easily be able to redeem a benefit. 

HR will be able to create and notify all employees about benefits.  

HR will save time and boost employeer branding.

Happy employees, that stay longer and refer more talent.

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